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Music paradise pro app: As the name suggests, music paradise pro is an app that let’s you enjoy the music on your Android device. The app Music Paradise Pro comes in handy to deal with such problems. This app not only lets you stream music from all the genres but also gives you this feature to download and save music to your phone’s memory. While Music Paradise Pro isn’t available in the official app stores for Android and iOS because it violates their policies when it allows you to download music for free. And we get it, who wants to pay for the music that you can easily get online for free and with Music Paradise Pro download in just a few taps?

In this era of smartphones, people are more and more concerned about their entertainment rather than just plain phone calls, SMS and all sorts of communication stuff. And why not? When you’ve an omnipotent device that is capable of doing all sorts of crazy stuff, then why not take the full advantage of it? The smartphone is becoming or rather have already become the most useful and essential entity of in our daily lives.

Now, coming to the point, your smart devices have almost all sorts of entertainment features preinstalled. There are several Music, Video and Games applications already installed on your phone and those get the job done. But they are very much restricted when it comes to functionality. The inbuilt video and music app lets you watch and listen only the content that is loaded onto your device memory. And then there are apps available on the application market that can only allow online streaming of the content and doesn’t allow you to save any of the stuff directly on your phone’s memory.

So the last resort to downloading the Music Paradise Pro will be from an unofficial source, and you might have to understand the process of side loading it on your smartphones. This app is available for both Android and iOS based smartphones. Before going into the app download and installation part let us have a look on the features that Music Paradise Pro app offers. Grab music paradise pro download link from here and enjoy the unlimited music.

Note: Music paradise pro download should be carried at your own peril. Please cross check the laws in your country before proceeding ahead with the download.

Music Paradise Pro Download

Features of Music Paradise Pro

Music paradise pro download should only begin after know all the features of this amazing app. Let’s go through some of the top notch feature of this app.

  • This app has an inbuilt powerful search engine that focusses on almost all the genres of music.
  • Let’s you download and save the music while it is being streamed.
  • Organises the music files based on the genres, artists, albums and singers
  • Can be downloaded from the iOS app store officially and you’ve to side load it if you are on an Android device.
  • For the iOS device Music, Paradise Pro app lets you download the ‘copyleft’ music legally just like Copyright music can’t be downloaded on iOS devices.
  • This app can also act as a standalone music player for your smartphone. You can always listen to the tracks that are already available on your Android and iOS device.
  • The built in EQ mode lets you choose from several presents that can enhance the quality of the music.
  • The app has the functionality to bass boost so that you can have a punchy sound output. Although these features have their limits because of the dependency on the phone’s hardware.
  • It lets you search from the phone’s library so you can organise your downloaded songs and the songs that are already present based on genres, singers and albums.
  • The app can also be controlled from the lock screen itself, and the speaker dock can be easily used while listening music via this app.
  • The app also supports thumbnails for album art and shows them while you are playing the music.

Music Paradise Pro App

How to Music Paradise Pro Download on Android

The music experience on your Android device is pretty basic as there are only a handful of genuine apps that available that lets you stream your favourite music online. Go and grab music paradise pro download link to download apk file and install on your device at free of cost. And it makes sense because you are not allowed to download ‘copyright’ music with the official apps that are available on the Google Play Store. So, now it is pretty much sure that Music Paradise Pro app isn’t available on Google Play store. Be sure not to download any of the apps with similar names from the store as they lack all the functionality that Music Paradise Pro app offers.

As mentioned already you are now left with nothing but to sideload the app on your Android smartphone, follow these steps and get going.

  • You are supposed to click on music paradise pro download the .apk file for Music Paradise Pro app onto your Android smartphone.
  • Make sure to do a Google search with the correct keywords and look for the official website for Music Paradise Pro app.
  • Head over to the download page and look for the download link.
  • Then download and save the .apk file on the internal/SD card of your Android smartphone.
  • Now on your phone go to ‘Settings’ and then head over to ‘Security’ and check ‘Unknown Sources’ so that it’ll enable you to installed third party apps from sources other than Google Play Store.
  • Then fire up the file manager on your phone and locate the .apk file that you’ve just downloaded.
  • Simply, follow the steps and read about the permissions that the app will ask for while it is being run.
  • Hit the ‘install’ button, and you are good to go.
  • The app will now be shown in the app drawer from where it can be run.

As mentioned earlier, Music Paradise Pro app supports multi-platform installation so it can also be installed on iOS based devices like iPad and iPhone. Hopefully, you can use music paradise download link given here. If you are having any trouble contact our support team.

install Music Paradise Pro

Music Paradise Pro APK

How to Music Paradise Pro Download on iOS

Music Paradise Pro download on iOS is also possible. Just outruns the traditional iTunes app on iOS devices like ‘pro’. This app gives additional features that enable the users to download legal ‘copyleft’ music for free, and there is also a facility to save them offline so that you can listen to your favourite track while you don’t have access to the internet. Also, an additional equaliser is built in the app.

The installation of the app on iOS devices is pretty neat. Here are the steps to download and install it from the Apple app store.

It is to be noted that, as the app is officially available on the Apple app store then there is no need of any jailbreaking or use of any such software that might harm your iPhone or iPad.

  • Head over to the app store and search for Music Paradise Pro app. Then just tap on the first result that you get and choose the option to download and install.
  • Occasionally you might be asked to feed in your iTunes login ID and password so as the app download is allowed.
  • After the app has finished its installation, it will show up on the device home screen. You can run the app from here and enjoy the free music.

How to Music Paradise Pro Download for Windows and Mac OS

The Music Paradise Pro app is purely based on the smartphone architecture and is not officially made available to any of the OSes. You can still music paradise pro download on your Windows and Mac devices. The app is designed in such a way so that it can take the maximum advantage of the smartphone technology only.

streaming via Music Paradise

Fortunately, there are ways by which you can load the .apk file of the app on your Windows machine. The setup is pretty simple you need to download and install the ‘Bluestacks’ software from its website. You can alternatively, try nox app player app as well. Bluestacks is a platform that allows you to preview and run Android-based applications. Simply open the blue stacks exe file and load the .apk file of Music Paradise Pro app and the app will load in no time.

Dos and Don’ts while downloading it from an unofficial source

  • Always perform a thorough Google Search before the downloading and installation of the app to your smartphone.
  • Always try to prefer the official source such as official websites or official Facebook page for the download.
  • Make sure to check and reassure to download only the latest version of the app; this will ensure that you’ll be getting the newest features of the app.
  • Always have an antivirus app installed on your phone. Though it is not needed much but just to be extra sure about the safety and to prevent any unnecessary adware to run.
  • While installing the app make sure to read almost all the permission that the app is asking for. Allow only those that you think will be needed for the normal functionality of the app. For example why to give “Read Contact” permission to an app that is just meant for music streaming and download.\
  • Always make sure to check for newer versions time to time as these apps that are downloaded from unknown sources lacks the functionality to be updated on their own.
  • Not to provide any login information to the apps that are downloaded anywhere else from the Google Play Store. Never enter your Facebook or Google accounts credentials and never give your bank account information if asked.

How to use Music Paradise Pro app

Have you managed to do music paradise pro download on your desired device? Now as we are done with the installation part, but how to get the best out of the app? How you’ll be able to search seamlessly to find and download your favourite music on your Android and iOS device?  Here are a few steps that are to be followed so that the app can deliver you the best music listening experience ever.

  • Open up the app from the app drawer if you are on an Android device or from the home screen itself if you are on iPhone or iPad. Make sure that you’ve a strong internet connection so that the music streams without any hiccups, though a Wi-Fi connection is preferred.
  • The app interface is neat, and you’ll see a search bar by which you can search for your favourite music. Try with searching for some popular tracks from your favourite band.
  • After you see the desired track, simply tap on it, and it’ll start playing in the background.
  • You get the option to download the song in the interface. Use that download button, so it’ll be available for offline playback.
  • The download will run in the background without hindering with the playback while it is still streaming.
  • Though, you’ll be able to find most of the songs while you search.

Shortcomings of Music Paradise Pro App

So after going through the wonderful stuff about the app, it won’t do justice with this review if we fail to mention about the shortcomings of Music Paradise Pro app.

  • Though the app seems polished, it is not that great when it comes to the handling part. The app seems buggy sometimes and crashes if we try to do multiple things on it.
  • Also, you need to have a high-speed internet connection because the app mostly relies on a strong mobile network or a Wi-Fi connection so that the streaming and downloading will be hassle free.
  • There are many songs that are available, and you won’t find any difficulty in using the search function, but not all songs are listed. Newly released songs are not listed.
  • The app might not just give you all the copyrights protected music but will, in turn, will provide you with the ‘copyleft’ music just like, while this is the case with the app for the iOS devices, Android seems to have the availability of downloading almost all songs.
  • The built in equaliser in the app seems to perform the function well, but it might become non-functional in the presence of another third party equaliser.
  • Sometimes certain advertisements pop up those hinder with the functionality a little bit.
  • Because of the lack of support from the Google Play Store you need to update the .apk file from the official sources (can be found by simple Google Search) so as to keep the app working flawlessly.


Instead of having a few of these shortcomings, the free music download and streaming makes this app a must download. There are several alternatives to such apps that are available online, but we found Music Paradise Pro app the best amongst its competitors. Let us know if you are not able to grab music paradise pro downlod link from here. You can install and download music paradise pro on Android, iOs, Windows and Mac devices.