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To get the Best Music player for Android  is the recent outrage among people especially the teenagers. ‘Music’ the word itself gives you musical vibes to groove to the beats of the song. Let’s not make you wait, this article presents a list of the best music player for all music lovers. A mobile without your favorite playlists is impossible to imagine. From this article you can get best music players and get best experience into your android phone.

Music is what feelings sound like, but sometimes the stock music player makes you feel bad. Right! This article is a must read for everyone who believe ‘Music is Life’. We have the latest music players for your smartphones. Additionally, you can always download music paradise pro listed here. It is also one of the good music application for Android and Windows users.

Ten Best Free and Paid Music Player for Android

1. Google Play Music (Free)

This one is owned by everyone for sure! The hot favorite Google Play Music app is an ad supported radio with about 35 million songs streaming. The user is free to upload 50,000 songs, based on songs, artists, or albums. The app allows to search songs by genre, mood, activity or decade. Listen to songs that fits your taste and make the environment classical, retro or rocky. Get it from here
Google Play Music

2. Pi Music Player (Free)

The name is short but it is packed with unique features like five built- in – equalizers, rich layouts and themes that will lure your musical senses. This app is a cross platform music sharing feature that enables to share your favorite track, album, genres, playlists anywhere in the world with the help of Send Anywhere. The best of all is the ringtone cutter feature which allows having your favorite ringtone.

Pi Music Player

3. Shuttle (Free)

This music app is a lightweight yet powerful. The Shuttle app consists of six band equalizer with bass booast, gaplessp playback, Last. FM scobbling and exquisite themes. Download the music player to experience the Android UI features  including lock screen, notification controls and widgets.

Shuttle music player

4. Apple Music (Free)

Apple Music app has about 30 million songs with around thousands of playlist to explore. Don’t go on its name, this is an Andriod app which offers highly customizable features and is a must to have music app. The app enables the user to acquire radio, playlists and also recommends you songs  that you may like. The best part of this app is once you add your favorite music to your library,you may access it on all devices.

Apple Music

5. Spotify Music Player (Free)

This app spots your current mood and plays according. Spotify music app is developed only for the mood swingers. Get your mood right by simply selecting the smileys that depict angry, irritated, confused, insecure, excited, cheerful, surprised, confident, serene, relaxed, tired and depressed. Simply slide the circle, fill in your emotions and get started! Nothing better than this! Start downloading.

SpotLight Custom Spotify Music

6. Pulsar Music Player (Free)

You can compare this music app with bike Pulsar. This app is loaded with bold themes, smart playlists, quick search songs, support lyrics, gapless playback support and much more. You need to download this app for best music experience. For mp3 music to get into your smart phone you can use best mp3 music downloaders, which are provides free downloading of mp3 music. The app is smart to understand your likes and dislikes and keeps a track of your recent, most played and newly added songs and plays it respectively.

Pulsar Music Player

7. Musixmatch (Free)

This consists of the world’s largest  collection of song lyrics. This 5 band equalizer  automatically displays lyrics of the song. It also translates songs, helping to learn other languages. So, listen to music from aroud the globe. The music app also supports Spotify, Youtube, Google Play Music, Apple Music etc. Get indulged in your favorite track along with learning! In addition to that it is also possible to get music maniac pro apk file from our website. It is also a better music player for Android.

8. Stellio Music Player (Free)

This advanced music player app offers gesture driver interface. Wow! You can operate your playlist from just by a gesture. Sounds so classy! Experience this 12-band equalizer featuring themes that change to match your album art, enables lyrics, scrobbling. It is designed with unique swipe gestures and circular dial that works perfectly on your mobile.

9. Poweramp (Paid)

The Poweramp app has the word ‘Power’ into it. You can understand with this that it is the most powerful music player. It is equipped with ten bang equalizers that control the balance of the music. The powerful music player enables audio format, displays lyrics, plays your playlist and also provides mesmerizing themes. The app gives you a 15 day trail and later charges $3.99.

10.Neutron Music Player (Paid)

For all the one’s, seriously in relation with their music. You have your type of music player ! Neutron Music Player is a professional music player for the discerning audiophiles. The 32/64 bit audio renders best quality of sound. The user can also source music files from SMB/CIFS, FTP or WebDAV. You are also getting DSP effects like parametric or graphics EQ, tempo and pitch. Get the app for $ 3.99.

Download Best Music Player for Android user

It can be understood that picking one from this list is difficult!  This list almost covers all types of people who have their unique musical taste. To hear professional music, get the Neutron music player. While for  moody and stressful people, we have posted a full above list,you can check out this blog to choose your best music player for android application which will make your mood for a day. Try every music player and enhance your taste for music!

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