Best Music Players for Android to Enhance your Multimedia Experience!

Best music players for android for Android offers to make your movie, video and music experience for every individual. Imagine watching a movie or a video without any sound. This sounds awful right! The user has an inbuilt music player which is quite quite boring. To get acquainted with a powerful music player to boost your auditory senses. Here, we bring to you android music players that is useful for the music endeavors, movie watchers and video lovers. So,Go down to download best music players!

Best Music Players for Android

8 Best Music Players for Android to Boost Music and Video Experience!

  1. MX Media Player

Price: Free

It is one of the best and commonly used music player which offers extremely good features like Hardware Acceleration, Multi- core decoding, subtitle gestures, Kids Lock and easy to zoom options.  With the all new HW+ decoder for efficient functionality on your smartphone or tablets. It supports multi-core decoding, which enhances your performance.To download this best music players for android  and you can use tinytunes music downloader which is also free and best for android users.The user can easily tap on forward, backward, next, previous subtitles along with zooming by simply touching your screen. The app is also reliable for your kids, who may mess while watching the music.

  1. BS Music Player

Price: Free

The BS is best music players for android is a multi-core HW decoding support which permits excellent playback speed. It is located in the background in the form of a popup window with various buttons to play the music. The battery drowns very fast while watching a video or movie. This app reduces battery consumption and increase speed. Built with other basic features like lock screen, subtitles is available. The MX Player is more appreciated than the BS Music player as the User Interface is outdated.

  1. VLC  Music Player

Price: Free

The music player is the hot favorite for all video or movie watchers. The VLC Music Player is an open source cross platform music player which offers non-stop music services. All this music downloading sites allow for VLC player to play MP3 musics.This is a full audio player with databases, equalizers, filters and many more. It supports MP3 to MKV/FLAC. It has in built codecs enabling speedy transmission. So, watch and transfer your favorite music files to your peers!

  1. GOM Music Player

Price: Free

For the adventures wanting to play 360 videos! Here we have one. GOM Music Player consists of non-encoded video files, with a convenient UI like slide menus or intuitive screen options. You want to capture your actors favorite movie, this app offers to click a screen shot of the same!

Manage your favorite videos and connect it to GoogleDrive, OneDrive,WebDAV  and FTP.

  1. KM Music Plyer

Price: Free

The KM Music is now exclusively available not only on the desktop but also in your smartphones. This music player renders high quality media player which supports HD videos,subtitles, video playback. For the multi-taskers, who are chatting, the KM Music Player helps you perform both work while watching the video. Everything is made easy with one figure control and  cloud storage.

  1. 4K Video Player

Price: Free

For all the Lolipop Android users, here you have this music player that supports all video and audio playback formats on Lolipop. The  4K video player supports AC3 Audio and allows flash format video. As similar to other music players, it allows multiple subtitle, smooth playback and HD videos. The user can also connect it to online video.

  1. DivX Mobile Music Player

Price: Free

It is suffienct to play most video formats on your phone and cast it on your TV. The media player is designed with features like Video casting, Playback and cloud storage. The user can cast video to as many devices like the 4K resolution TV.This is crazy guyz! Expereince  your phone on a bigger screen.

Entertain yourself by downloading the DivX Mobile Music Player!

  1. MoboPlayer Music Player

Price: Fre

This is video player supports all video formats, along with subtitle formats. The videos are streamed with the help of HTTP, RTSP protocols. The burden of converting the format is not required in a MoboPlayer, the user can watch all his sizzling movies or videos easily. The music player supports all types of codec! Watch all your media anywhere and everywhere!

Music Player for Avid Movie Watchers!

All these Music Players are free to download  from our website and is available on the Google Play Store. For all the movie lovers, you don’t need to go to the theatre to watch one, simply download one of the above music players and  turn your home into a Theatre. Let us know if we are missing any of your favorite app in our extensive list of best music players for Android. Sit with your popcorn bucket and enjoy the movie experience.


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