The name ‘ Deezer downloader ’ may hit your musical chord taking you to a website offering music from around the world. Deezer is website available on the Internet that provides music streaming services. Music listeners can indulge into popular record labels including EMI, Universal Music Group, EMI and the unforgettable Warner Music Group online as well as offline.

Deezer Downloader: About

The website has about 40 million licensed music tracks uploaded in its library, 30,000 radio channels, 16+ million monthly users, 6+ million paid users. Isn’t that huge? Join the group and experience best music available on your devices, including  Android, Tablet, Windows and iOS.

The French music website is first of its kind, it is the first one to sign an agreement with publisher rights organization and pays artists through advertising revenues. The classic music website provides songs of different artists, albums, genres, categories, mood to about millions of online users for free over 180+ countries. The bad thing! You can’t download any songs as it doesn’t consist of any ‘download’ option.

Deezer Downloader Apk

History: Deezer Download APK

The idea of developing a music streaming services was pioneered by Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya. The main reason behind this idea was to offer unlimited access to music with the help of streaming technology. In the year 2006, founder Daniel Marhely created the first version of ‘Deezer’ named as ‘Blogmusik’.  The website was shut down after being charged with copyright issues by the SACEM, sa french agency that preserves copyrights issues of artists, composers, publishers and songwriters. It rose again as ‘Deezer’ on August 2007 after it reached an agreement with the French agency to pay the desired copyright holders. The money is derived through advertisements.

Features of Deezer Download: Popular Music Streaming Website

  • To download favorite songs from best music downloading sites, audiobooks, albums, playlists, you need to be a Deezer downloader premium or a family subscriber.
  • Download music and listen to your favorite tracks, even without an Internet connection.
  • Get about 43 million music tracks. Rejuvenate your mood with old and new songs.
  • Create a personalized playlists with all your desired music, spread love by sharing your favorite music to your near pals or beloved.
  • Experience music with no ads.
  • Feel the music with high quality sound offered by the music website.
  • Available on devices like Android as well as Ios
  • Clean user interface to find your desired music anytime and anywhere.

Free Deezer Downloader

Deezer Download on Android: Procedure to Download

  1. Turn on your Android smartphone by entering the right password, pattern, PIN or press the fingerprint scanner.
  2. Type for ‘Google Play Store’ in the Google search bar.
  3. Search for ‘Deezer Music’ into Deezer downloader as you reach in the Google play store or just direct download.
  4. Select the ‘Install’ button situated at the right side.

Why wait! Start finding, downloading and sharing your best music tracks online and offline.

Deezer Download on Windows : Procedure to Download

  1. Deezer downloader can be downloaded through third party sources that are found on the internet. Find a relevant third party source to download deezer for Windows.
  2. The downloading process may take some time, as soon as it downloads. Click on ‘Install’ and here you go.
  3. Open the Deezer music app and search for your desired track.
  4. To download, copy the URL.
  5. Launch the Winx Deezer downloader to start downloading your song.
  6. Run the downloader by click+link button and press the paste and analyze button to paste the desired music URL copied earlier.
  7. All details related to the song will be displayed on your Window screen.
  8. Select an output and tap on ‘OK’.
  9. Choose the destination folder to save the music and hit on the downloading button to get your Deezer download MP3.

Deezer Download on Mac: Procedure to Download

Get the Winx HD Video downloader for Mac to download Deezer downloader on your Mac. This program has an inbuilt free audio or video downloader that is quite powerful in comparison to the Winx YouTube downloader. Just follow the below simple steps to download mp3 songs on Deezer, a third party music streaming source.

  1. Rely on a reliable, virus free website that may enable Deezer downloader for Mac.
  2. Pick your required music track from the search bar available in Deezer.
  3. Copy the URL of the preferred song.
  4. Run the Winx HD Video Converter for Mac>> press YouTube URL button>> paste and analyze button>> paste the URL>> desired output>> hit on download

There is another method of download audio through recording. The embedded screen recorder allows to record audio and video on the Mac itself. Move down to know how?

  1. Click on the screen recorder button that will take you to a new panel asking you to makes some changes before starting the recording.
  2. If you want to record Deezer music to MP3 or any other audio/video format, please check on an available option ‘Add recorded movie to convert list’.
  3. Choose the song required to download. Press on the start record button and play the music to download the song through audio recording.
  4. After you get the desired song, tap on the stop button.
  5. Choose any output like MP3 and press ‘Run’ to start downloading song/s to

preferred location to store the file.

Along with this, several tools are developed to download music from the world class music streaming website ’Deezer’. We bring to you 3 efficient tools that would help to download songs from third party sources. Get easy access to worldwide music tracks, all from one stop destination.

3 Best Tools that Enable to Download Music      

1. KeepVid Music

This tool allows the user to download high quality Deezer music. It is smart enough to recognize all your song details like album, artists, title and much more. Once you have the KeepVid music, the user can easily download the whole deezer playlists along with splitting 2 songs. It filters out ads allowing smooth and effortless downloading. Along with the traditional style of downloading, you can record from other radio stations

2. Deezify

This is a Chrome extension that allows user to download Deezer music just at a click. It is the easiest way to download your favorite music. Just take some patience to download this chrome extension and move into the Deezer website, search for songs and start playing it loud. It is quite fast to find all your preferred music files. Accept the extension with one disadvantage; it is used only on chrome.

Free Deezer Downloader full APK

3. Audacity

This audio editor and recorder allows to record on-demand audio from these third party websites. The sound of your computer should be should be loud enough to record clearly. Start the music available on Deezer downloader and don’t forget to tap on the ‘Record’ button. The file format can be WAV or AIFF.


Opt for Deezer downloader and get into party mood with the French music streaming website that offers tons of songs from worldwide. Listen to the recent Justin Bieber or Traylor Swift songs that are hitting the billboards. Groove your body to Bruno Mars, Chris Brown or grow older to the songs of pop singer Micheal Jackson. So, In music paradise blog we have given you all possible ways to download the streaming music website.


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