Know everything about the Music Folder Player on musicparadiseprodownload blog!  If you don’t like playing your music on the basis of artists or albums. This is designed exclusively for the people who prefer in organizing audio tracks. This alternative music player that is available in different language like English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Korean or Russian.

Music Folder Player: About

This music player is slightly different from the traditional music player and allows the user to switch between music and audiobook or podcasts. The music app is quite unique from the other music apps. The functions are wide and different for a better musical experience. Enjoy music to the fullest with great equalizers available and intuitive options to manage all your playlists.

Music Folder Player free

Feel free to share your favorite music with your peers and get recommendations for the same. If you are wondering all best music players for android than check out this blog. This all players are useful for the music endeavors, movie watchers and video lovers.Move down to know the long list of features offered the music app.

Key Features of Music Folder Player

  • There are two versions available for this music player, one is the free and the paid version. The paid version comes with various advanced features that allows the user to listen their favorite music tracks. We bring to you some basic features offered by the Music Folder Player.
  • Your playlist is not based on artists or albums, but is placed based on random folder structure.
  • Just select your desired music folder in the folder list and it will play the last played song. No mood to hear this folder? Switch on to the other folder easily. No need to create manual bookmarks.
  • In case of a long podcasts and audio books, skipping from one position to another is difficult due to the large size of the file. The app equips with ‘Seek Buttons’ that is used to move backward or forward.
  • Different Android devices comprises of different screen resolutions that is useful to adjust the font accordingly.
  • ‘Shuffle’ your music player to get variations in listening.
  • Along with shuffling the current folder, shuffle your files of all available folders in the media library.
  • Long press the current playing track and repeat single files.
  • Long press on the music file and click on ‘Delete’.
  • Long press on the file and press ‘Rename’
  • This is a good feature used while going to sleep, set the timer and the sound fades before the timer ends. So that the timer will stop by itself in the fixed duration.
  • Operate through the headset, just double click to skip to the next track or single click pauses the playback.
  • Experience the ad free music player and enjoy the user friendly app
  • Find 4 customizable settings and 8 predefined settings like Bass Booster, Vocal Booster and Party setting

Key Features of Music Folder Player Full (Paid Version)

  • Provides with an elegant material design.
  • 3 different homescreen widgets
  • Restarts from the last played music folder.
  • For a small collection, it names the folders as flat.
  • A virtual folder with all best songs that suit your moods.
  • Equipped with 4 configurable seek buttons for instant music searching.
  • 4 customizable settings and 8 predefined settings such as Bass Booster or Party Setting.
  • Equalizer
  • Control the playback speed of your podcasts, audiobooks.
  • Provides with pre-amplifier feature that increases volume of audio that was recorded with low level.
  • Control the volume and balance it with two finger gestures.
  • Accidentally touched a button? Undo your actions
  • Shuffle, repeat, delete , rename files with long pressing of files to get desired options.
  • Smooth functions to enable musical experience on the headphones also.
  • fm scrobbling
  • Allows quick search of files and folders, share the same with your peers.

Music Folder Player full apk

Requirement to Download the Music Folder Player

The music player app has successfully won the trust of 10,000 happy users. All  android music players works on Android version 4.0 and above. No google play or account is needed. Say no to third party libraries when it comes to download the music folder player.

Acquire the app with Android 5.0 and above. The minimum Android version to download the music app is Android 2.3.3. The user needs requires permissions to access access network, Bluetooth, Internet,read  and write external storage etc.

How Download the Music Folder Player

  • Get the right swiping gesture on your phone to get your phone started.
  • Select to the play store the default app in your Android smartphone.
  • Search for Music Folder Player Free (free version) or even opt for Music Folder Player Full (paid version)
  • Get started with all the latest music tracks.


The Music Folder Player app is a treat for the ones who prefer organizing their audio tracks. Don’t follow any artist or albums make your personalized playlist with the best soothing music tracks. Get all the best trending tracks with safe track downloading sites for hitting the billboards.

Explore the long list of features provided in the free ass well as a paid version. Get introduced to another level of experiencing music. Download the free app quickly, and you will surely get convinced to buy the upgraded paid version.

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