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The PlayView APK is a unique software that allows the user to stream videos and movie exclusively on Android . The movie and video streaming and downloading app are a huge hit with people watching their daily shows online. Even music maniac lover can download all the latest movies and videos which can be seen later without an Internet connection.

This unique app gives a list of news updates, categories and genres. You can even search for latest videos, movies, TV shows of your choice  with the help of search bar.

PlayView APK for PC

Description: PlayView APK

The PlayView APK allows the user to search and stream  trailers that have not been released. The PlayView APK  has coordinated with several movies streaming services like the VK, Morvideos, AllMyVideos, Streamcloud for best entertainment.The user can watch Hollywood movies with suitable subtitles.

They provide good quality videos, movies in the latest DVD-Rips format. Get acquainted with the latest huge collection of movies and TV shows to keep you in-touch with your daily soaps or the best movies.The movie, videos and TV shows featuring  PlayView APK provides free HD videos without any issue of signing up! Wow!

That sounds cool and provides a wide range options i.e. Action, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Romance to sizzling videos, cartoons and live events. All of these just at the cost of the MB’s dedicated while downloading the PlayView APK. The resolution  ranges from 720p to 1080p! This is a great advantage for the Android users, but a huge drawback for the iOS holders.

Best PlayView Alternatives for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The sad news is that this amazing, highly featured software is exclusively for Android. We bring to you alternatives for the iOS. These alternative apps such as sound cloud d downloader, gtunes, tiny tunes etc can be easily downloaded from third party websites. Such that you don’t lose your chance to enjoy free HD movies, videos and TV shows. Moving down to know about the 5 alternatives for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Show Box

This free movies and video app allows the user to get acess to the latest movies and TV episodes instantly. This entertaining app consists of in-app purchases to provide extra facilities to its users. Find, download and experience the high quality visuals all for free. Download the Show Box app for iPhone now!

Play Box

The Play Box gives similar features but with an extra perk. With the app, the user can download the movies as well as the subtitles of the movie. Lessen the burden of downloading a movie with its subtitles. Get the best movie experience without any interferences.  Get acquainted with this app by experiencing the uniquely featured app exclusively for the iPhone users.


Download movies from a mega collection of movies, videos or TV episodes. Get prone to titles as offered by the movie streaming app so that you don’t get bored. The self entertaining app gives a perfect movie experience and makes sure you get a good movie or T.V experience.

Cartoon HD

Cartoon HD is one of the best apps for the T.V addicts. Get your daily dose of daily soap or reality shows or Live events in just a click! The app keeps you updated with the latest such that you don’t miss your T.V episodes and the desired movies too. Also, it helps to create playlists of your favorite T.V shows or movies.


This is a must downloading app for everyone. Along with watching T.V, movies, videos online, this fantastic app offers to download music, apps, games. The movie streaming app privately saves all the files, making your work easy. This multi-utility app is decent and provides all facilities in just one application.

PlayView APK for andoid

Features of the PlayView APK

The PlayView APK inherits various advanced features that help to work effortlessly. Watch latest movies, TV shows and videos online and stay connected with the entertainment world. It is not available on the Google Play Store. Users are requested to download the app from third party. Thus, the selection of a virus free app is required to secure your  Android. Let’s know about its features:

  1. Select your favorite movies from thousands of movies, videos and T.V shows available for free!
  2. The PlayView APK provides categorized movies that helps you for an easy search.
  3. Get updated with all the latest news from the entertainment world.
  4. Watch videos, movies or T.V episodes or web series in high resolution ranging from 720p to 1080p.
  5. The app offers a clean user interface for an effortless performance.
  6. The PlayView APK caters its users with filters in the form of years and language to systematically fulfill your needs.
  7. The handy app is not available on the Google play Store.

Steps to Download PlayView APK

The PlayView APK is not present in the Google Play Store,thus downloading the file should be done through a reliable website. If not, then you welcome viruses into your smartphone which may damage it. The movie and music streaming apps are also  applicable for Android phone and not iPhones.

  1. Type ‘PlayView APK’ in the search bar of your Google.
  2. Select a reliable website to download the PlayView APK file.
  3. Before downloading the file make sure you change the setting of your phone. The app being outside the Google Play Store, it doesn’t allow installation of the APK file. If you are wondering player for playview apk then go here and download.
  4. Navigate your Android phone to Settings>> Security Options>> Unknown sources. Tick in the empty box to download the APK file.
  5. Install the online movie app to experience non-stop movie experience.
  6. Search, Download, Enjoy all the desired movies, videos and TV episodes.

PlayView APK download


The PlayView APK is an excellent app for watching movies, videos and T.V episodes online. Search for your movies, T.V series with the help of various categories, genres to help you find your desired.The app is designed only for the Android users. Our site also allows you to alternative options of this app as mentioned above. Download the PlayView APK for seamless streaming of movies, videos and T.V episodes!


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