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Don’t go wrong with the name? The Tiny Tunes APK is a music downloader that grants over million songs  and streaming app for Android. The music downloader is capable of streaming, downloading and managing music collected from various servers for Free! Yes, you heard it right! TinyTunes APK is not available on Google Play Store and Kindle Fire App store, download the music apps from this website.This is the free App so, feel free to download it.

Tiny Tunes APK is a lightweight music downloading app with a clean user interface. Download, Search and Listen to all your favorite songs for free under one circumstances, i.e. an internet connection. TinyTunes helps you find songs through different categories and automatically gets saved in your Smartphone and tablet. Features of TinyTunes music downloader are listed below:

 Tiny Tunes Music Downloader

Tiny Tunes Music Downloader

The Tiny Tunes APK is one of the best music downloading app that offers unlimited songs. Simply, search the artist or genres, and get a list of related songs to find your desired one. The music downloading app treats its user with iTunes 100 songs, most popular trending artist  such that searching and downloading becomes fast and quick. The TinyTunes music downloader is fast and has an efficient user interface. Moving down to the mind blowing features of Tiny Tunes APK.

Exotic Features of TinyTunes to drive you Crazy!

  1. Addict yourself with the intuitive features of TinyTunes adventures like downloading from different categories like iTunes, Album, release,billboard top 100 and genres.
  2. Listen to good quality songs available for free!
  3. Download the music directly to listen offline.
  4. Create multiple playlists of your favorite songs.
  5. Change the download location for easy accessibility.
  6. Place your preferred songs in a queue and enjoy listening.
  7. Search and download free licensed music from around the Internet.
  8. The music app can sync your music library with your device.
  9. Tiny Tunes APK use popular music apps like Shazam and SoundHound. Shazam helps to search millions of songs easily with just a click while the SoundHound is for Iphone users that provide tones of songs in real time.
  10. search for songs or artist or albums with multiple genres.

11.Manages your best music player and music library for instant search results.

12.TinyTune APK is malware free.

 Tiny Tunes Music

Disadvantages: Slow Streaming!

There may be instances when the Tiny Tunes APK might result into slow streaming of songs. Want to know the reasons, follow the article down:

  1. Slow Internet Connection during peak hours.
  2. Problem in connecting to the Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  3. Mobile Data Package validity completed!

While download the songs, an internet connection is a must! Once the song gets downloaded, the user can listen to songs offline.Yes! The internet connection is a necessity while downloading songs, so make sure you have a strong internet connection!

Steps to Download Tiny Tunes APK for Android

The user needs to download TinyTunes from an official site to stay virus free. Availability of virus in your smartphone may lead to loss of data. Thus, the user needs to be aware before downloading the music downloading app.

  1. Fill in your correct pattern and search for Google. Write the keywords ‘Tiny Tunes APK’.
  2. Install the music streaming apps by making few changes in the Settings of your phone.
  3. Open the TintTunes music downloading app and groove yourselself to the latest songs.

Steps to Install TinyTunes on your Smartphone

To download the music on your Android or tablet, the user needs to make small changes to the settings to allow easy music downloading. Let’s have a quick attention over the same.

  1. Get into the ‘Settings option’ available in your Android phone.
  2. Move in Settings> Security> Enable unknown Sources.
  3. Download the file and tap on ‘Install’.
  4. Start downloading all latest music that soothens your ear drums.

 Tiny Tunes Music App

Note these points  before  downloading TinyTunes APK

The User  needs to download from a credible site to avoid virus or malware in your smartphone. The arrival of the virus will mark the in stealing your phone memory while the malware may collect your private information and record your actions to share in public. Rely on authentic websites that assure virus free and reliable downloading websites.


Music is the best path that relaxes our mind and soul! The Tiny Tunes APK that provides all latest and best songs from every corner of the Music world. Feel free to download the exotic music maniac app and streaming app which keeps you connected with yourself! Enjoy every melody that pleasures your nerves with a wide range of songs, artisit, genres for free! Download the app now!

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